Building Flows with the Flow Builder

The Flow Builder is the beating heart of Smart Flows: this is the place where you decide which documents to generate, how, and what to do with them. Flows can be either simple or advanced. The simple Flow Builder has more restrictions than the advanced Flow Builder, but it provides more guidance and makes it harder to break things. The advanced Flow Builder introduces the element of customization and decision-making.

The Flow Settings Flow Block controls functionality that affects multiple blocks in your flow or how the flow functions overall.

Managing blocks learn Flow Block properties. How to add, edit, move, and delete Flow Blocks.

Block settings are where the Flow Block inspector is. Here, you change a Flow Block's settings. Here is also where you link Flow Blocks to each other.

Linking blocks together lets you link a parameter field to another block's output or a data set field.

Managing zones: Learn how to add and delete a delete zones.

Flow output has two functions. It groups all of the other blocks' output and displays them. It gives you a mechanism to decide which outputs of which Flow Blocks you would want to use in subsequent processes.