Flow Execution Panel Dashboard

Flow Execution Panel is a dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of the status and progress of various flows for the logged in users within an organization. It is divided into four main areas:

  • Flow History

  • Unfinished Runs

  • Start a new flow run

  • Flow results for a selected flow

Flow results for a selected flow only display if you have selected a flow.

The key point is that while administrators can see everyone’s flows and statistics about them, end users can only see their flows. Interacting with a flow, regardless of the area it is in, will open a new tab with that flow at the step where the flow is currently at.


You can filter flows based on their completion status, choosing either all states or just specific ones. Additionally, you can apply filters by date in the Started at section. In the List view, you can sort the filters chronologically or in reverse order according to the Started at and Ended on Category. You can sort them alphabetically or in reverse alphabetical order based on the name of the statuses.