Smart Flows comes with a Reporting dashboard that provides an overview of the flow's detailed statistics. Reporting helps administrators view the overall statistics of flow runs and provides an easy way to see what's going on. For instance, here's a chart that shows the number of flow runs per day for the last month, with red representing flows that failed.

You can use this information to analyze which flows are the most popular and which are causing problems. You can also use tags and filters to quickly find specific information that you're looking for.

You can only open the Reporting page from Control Panel if you're an Administrator.


The reporting shows the following statistics:

  • Latest flow runs in detail
  • Flow runs over time
  • Most active users
  • Most popular flows

All these statistics are within tabs that can be folded by clicking the title.


You can filter all the data shown on the Reporting page by using the filter controls at the top.

You can filter data in three ways, or any combination of them:

  1. Only show flow runs of a certain status

  2. Only show data for a certain flow/user

  3. Only include flow runs from a certain period