Data Sets

Data sets are descriptions of the data that you can use in flows and templates.

A data set defines what fields you can use in your flows and map in your templates . For instance, if you want to send an invoice to an Account, you'll probably want to include the Name field so you can both map it in your template and put it in the document name.

Here's the typical cycle of working with data sets:

  1. Create a data set.
  2. Build your data set - this is where you choose which fields to include.
  3. Create a template and attach that data set to it.
    1. Opening the template with the Template Builder add-in will now show all of the data set's fields, ready to be mapped.
  4. Use the template in a flow. You can then use the data set's fields in all flow blocks that come after the block that fetches the data.
    1. Example: use the Account Name field in the subject line of an e-mail: Quote for [Account Name].
    2. Example: use the Region field in a Condition block to only do things for certain regions.

Managing data sets

You manage data sets using the list view. Read this page to learn how to use the list view.