Getting Started

As a new Smart Flows user, it helps to know where to start. We've curated a basic one-page overview to help you on your journey as a Smart Flows user. For more details on getting started, please use the links below.

User Interface

Smart Flows has a modular user interface that allows you to adjust the look and feel of the cloud-based Project Console. When using Smart Flows within connectors or existing programs, the user interface is dynamic to match the existing program. Take some time to get to know the overall User Interface.

Getting Started Process

Step 1 Set up your install and configure your installation

Step 2 Create a Smart Flow project and sync your users

Step 3 Create connectors, add data sets and create templates

Step 4 Design your template to meet your team's needs

Step 5 Develop your flow to automate your document generation

Step 6 Build and distribute the flows for your users to run and accelerate your business.

Concepts and Features

Smart Flows has hundreds of different features nestled within the platform. Some will be lifesavers for your organization, but you don't need to try or use all of them. Please take a look at our key concepts and features to determine the features that provide you the most value.


As you get started on your Smart Flows project, it is beneficial to be able to jot down the most important goals you want to achieve. Defining your project architecture ensures that your Smart Flows project develops and delivers value today and in the future. Some of the information provided may be beyond a user who has just started, but it's still a good idea to know the questions. We'll partner with you to figure out the answers.