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Data Set / Flows How-To quick guide
Template How-To quick guide


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Template Mapping Format Type
Template Xpertdoc Style
Template Mapping Preserve Formatting
Template Mapping Remove Empty Lines
Template Mapping Text Editing
Template Conditions
Template Conditional Formatting
Template Conditional Mapping
Template Looping
Template Grouping
Template Formulas
Template Pseudo-field
Template Mapping Images
Template Mapping Convert to Barcode
Template E-Signature (DocuSign)
Template Result Set
Template Current User
Template Multiple Data Sets
Template Pseudo-relation
Template Multi-Language
Template Composition Template
Data Set Retrieve External Data


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API How-To Basic
Power Automate Start a Power Automate Flow from Xpertdoc Smart Flows and update CRM record
Power Automate Store a document in Power Automate using the Xpertdoc Connector
Power Automate Start an Xpertdoc Smart Flow from a Power Automate Flow
Power Automate How to use the Xpertdoc Connector in Power Automate