Settings options in the Project Console's Control panel allow you to make changes to the way your project functions, such as

  • Change the basic settings of your project

  • Add project cleanup schedule

  • Add standard tag groups and system tag groups

  • Add certificates to verify if Smart Flows can trust them. Also, you can import the certificates by testing URLs

  • Schedule for automatic user synchronization

  • Update success message timeout

  • Define the date and time formatting for the project.

  • Change plug-in setting

Accessing the Settings Page

If you have Smart Flows Administrator rights, you can access the Settings page from the Project Console’s Control Panel.

1. In the Project Console, select the Control panel button.

The Control panel displays.

2. Select the Settings button.

The Project settings page displays.

Project Settings

The Settings page is divided into the following sections.

Settings page

Basic Settings

Basic settings contain the project settings details such as project name, description, time zone, language, flow priority, landing page, document previewing options, Portal 3 templates, and so on.


We recommend cleaning to prevent the project from gathering data that is no longer in use over time. For instance, you may want yesterday's faulty flow information, but you no longer need the information about a flow from two years ago. The best practice that users can follow is scheduling monthly cleanup.

Tag Defaults

You can automatically assign tags when you create a new flow using the Tag defaults settings. All the selected tags apply to new flows.You can automatically assign tags when you create a new flow using the Tag defaults settings. All the selected tags apply to new flows.


In some cases, Smart Flows doesn't trust an external resource due to an invalid, self-signed, and expired web certificate. Network calls done by the Smart Flows server to such a domain will fail. To address this, we created Certificates within Smart Flows to allow an administrator to explicitly allow certain domains.

The Certificates tab displays a list of trusted certificates. In the List view, you can Add, Test, View, Download, or Delete a Certificate in Smart Flows.

Certificate Window

User Management

Suppose you're using a connector to synchronize your users (typical with any CRM system Smart Flows can connect with). In that case, you can activate automatic user synchronization and configure individual user authentication settings. For more details, please refer to Users.

User Interface

Plugin Settings

Plugin settings allow you to configure settings related to plugins. Only plugins for which you have a license display on this tab.

Plug-in Settings